About alan, Business Coach


Ask yourself

- Are concerned that your accounts production has been reduced to a processing function with no support, recommendation, or comments as to the state of the Business?

- Are you worried that you may not meet the deadlines of filing papers with HMRC and companies house, and you are getting no support from your accountant?

- Are you concerned that you are not getting overall business support, you are paying far too much tax, or don’t see the credit status of your business improving?

How I can help your business

We actively involve you in the finalisation of the accounts- we don’t just send you the business accounts for signing and return. We explain every item in the Balance sheet, the constituents of it, as well as offering recommendations to enhance your business profile.

We are huge on compliance matters- it is the backbone of any tax planning. To file on-time keeps the flag of tax enquiries lower than being in default!

We have a wealth of experience, with Alan having been a Chartered Accountant for 40 years. During that time he has first hand experience of incorporating, buying Freehold offices, merging with a larger business, and starting up in business in 2017 .Whilst a textbook can offer guidance on the process, first hand experience is the best form of advice and support  that can be sought.

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