FrontFoot M3 presents

Make Your Marketing Effective

December 15th, 2020, 12pm via Zoom

  • Learn how to grow your leads & sales in 2020

  • Ideas to improve the impact of your marketing

  • Make your marketing budget go further

  • Turn your website into a lead generation tool 

  • Learn how to create greater loyalty


Hosted by Business Coach, Chris Churchman 


Paul Gully (Social Media)

Matt Thorpe

Matt Thorpe (SEO, Paid Ads & Email)

Getting frustrated by businesses trying to coerce you into buying? Loads of LinkedIn invites from strangers trying to sell you leads and services? How does that make you feel? BUT.............Are you guilty of the same?

Though we are coming out of Lockdown 2, we are still living in a world with many restrictions. What have we learnt from all of this? The old ways of marketing aren't working any more but that doesn't mean you stop marketing. Now, more than ever being sensitive in the tone of your marketing and changing your strategy to reflect the social distancing era we are in and will have to cope with in the foreseeable future is vital.

This 60 min online workshop will share ideas in how to raise your brand recognition and encourage inbound enquiries so you can market effectively in the new world we live in, generate the leads you want,  and apply them immediately to your business.

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