About John, HR

Ask yourself

- How do you ensure you attract and hire the best candidate?

- How much time can you afford to spend preparing an advert, sifting through applications, communicating with candidates and arranging interviews?

- The cost of a bad hire is around 3 times their salary when you take direct and indirect costs into account.

How I can help your business

Our aim is to find you a candidate that fits the job role, the team dynamics and your business culture and one who is motivated to join you. We listen to your needs and invest time up front with you and the candidate to get this right. We have proven methods that get results. We find candidates through a mix of direct adverts, networking, candidate databases ensuring we search in a diverse talent pool. 

Our selection methods include structured interviews, assessing technical capabilities and behaviours. We also conduct assessment tests - personality, verbal and numerical tests

We can take away the hassle and present you with a qualified short list normally within 2 to 3 weeks of agreeing the job brief. We work at pace during the recruitment process, using video interviewing and expect be making candidate offers within 4 to 5 weeks of taking the brief.

Our experience, recruitment process and selection methods significantly reduce the risk of making a hiring mistake and of candidates aborting during the recruitment process.  We don’t see our role as ending on appointment, as we also follow up with candidates after they join and can work with you on development and retention plans.

At the HR Dept Staines we help business owners protect their businesses by having legally compliant employment contracts, policies and handbooks in place. That’s the essential but boring bit! The exciting part is helping businesses grow by recruiting and developing talent that drives sustainable profitable growth.

Our service is personal and tailored to our client’s business needs, from recruitment to redundancy and everything else in between.

If you have recruited staff you can probably relate to one business owner’s comment - “the hiring process takes too long, costs too much and the candidate quality is inconsistent – hit or miss”

We can’t take all the risk out of recruitment, but we can make it more likely that you  recruit someone who fits well into your organisation, has the right skills to do the job and the potential to develop further. We have a proven formula of success  focusing on values and behaviours, using video technology and psychometric assessments to find the Right candidate Fast – all at an affordable cost.

In our view HR isn't about ticking boxes. It's about building strong sustainable businesses.

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