About this webinar - 'Investing in your most valuable asset'

Date: 2nd March 2021, 4pm (GMT)

Why do business leaders spend so much time driving their business forward, and so little looking after their own health? Health and performance coach Jon Sharpe will convince you that an investment in your health is the most profitable one you'll ever make. In this talk full of practical takeaways, you'll learn the simple ways in which you can optimise your sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset to transform your health, and by extension, both your professional and personal life.


Jon Sharpe's Bio


Jon Sharpe is a health and performance coach specialising in working with business leaders to maximise their energy, focus and output. After previously working in investment banking, he made the switch to become a health coach in 2018 out of a desire to pursue his passion, and to use it to positively impact others. Jon uses a combination of movement, nutrition and mindset coaching to help his clients to permanently transform their bodies and minds, and to perform to their greatest potential.

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